Personalization is a software and hardware combined process and its goal is to prepare a card to be used in a functional system. In fact, a card will gain its identity in personalization section.
Personalization department of Golchin Smart Media with capability of 80,000 cards per day provides personalization services for banks, financial institutions and other customers.
Personalization equipment of Golchin Smart Media are from modern and advanced machines which is able to provide services in regards to encoding and printing of magnetic and smart cards.
Personalization falls in two categories:
  • Thermal (by using special ribbons) which prints the variable information on cards by specific devices.
  • Embossing which engrave the variable information on cards by drum impact. This process is not able to print picture, logo and barcode.

In addition, the embossed information can be specified by gold, silver or black tippers if required by customers. In both cases, magnet personalization can be also encoded.
In encoding process, the information will be saved in tracks of magnetic strip or chips in contact and contactless cards. This information is about the person or organization which uses the card.
In thermal personalization, we have this option to print picture, logo and barcode and this option is available in colorful (Half Panel, Full Panel) and mono color (black, gold, silver…). Also, scratch is possible in this type of personalization.
For non-banking jobs, the customer’s information which is printed on the card can contain: name and surname, personnel number, ID number, etc. and for banking jobs, the 16-digit card number, expiry date and CVV2 which can be printed on the backside.
Cards personalization is one of the security services which requires technical equipment as well as well-trained personnel which keep their commitments. Hence, Golchin Smart Media is honored to provide such services to its clients with total commitment and prominent technology.