The Statement of Policy for Quality Management System

Golchin Smart Media as one of the prominent firms in printing industry started its business in 1961. This firm is pleased to present the organization’s vision and mission by follows which is gained by depending on the knowledge and experience of every one of its personnel:
We believe that by integrating the research and technology in addition to increase the market share of producing banking, smart and GSM cards, provide the health, serenity and welfare for the society. To reach this objective, we are determined to enter the Middle East market places by utilizing the available and potential facilities and depending on the research environment with efficient human resources.
  • The most important mission of Golchin Smart Media is production of Banking and Smart Cards which are required by the market plus performing research activities in order to improve the quality and promote the current systems.
  • Provide consulting services to banking systems and other related organizations in order to realize their requirements and provide the most relevant services and harmonize them with the client’s requirements.
  • Performing dynamic, progressing and innovative research in field of Banking, Smart and GSM Cards.
  • Utilize the most current and innovative technologies in manufacturing of Banking, Smart and GSM Cards
  • Produce different kinds of RFID smart labels with most current technologies in the world
  • Enter into the Middle East market places by using the most current technical knowledge
  • Identify and distinguish the client’s requirements in present and future periods
  • Establish the culture of using electronic technologies and decrease cash cycle in society in order to maintain the environment and public health
In this way, the managing director of the organization, aims to implement Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, Principles of Occupational Health and Safety OHSAS18001:2007, Principles of Customer Orientation ISO10002:2004 and Principles of 5S in whole organization. By implementing these systems and execute them in order to provide high quality products, maintain the safety principles, customer orientation, maintain the principles of work adornment as well as legal priorities related to legal organizations, Golchin Smart Media commits to maintain and execute the following objectives:
  • Try to increase the customers satisfaction through customers orientation culture among all personnel and decrease the time for customers complaints review
  • Try to increase the quality level of the products and cut-off the production costs
  • Try to maintain the working environment adornment and improve the personnel’s moralities
  • Try to increase the level of personnel’s knowledge
  • Try to prevent of damage, decrease the working disease as well as comply with the rules and related safety and hygiene laws
I personally commit to execute and maintain the above mentioned systems and control on their continuous improvement and efficiency for preserve and continuation of above objectives and anticipate all respected colleagues to try to realize, maintain and improve this policy.

Ehsan Saghaei
Managing Director
Golchin Smart Media Co.